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Philippines’ Pamalican Island

Philippines' Pamalican Island 12

Whenever we hear Philippines, we think of luscious forests, warm smiles of Filipinos and white sand beaches. Speaking of beaches, Boracay always comes to your mind as a beach-freak. Aside from the infamous Boracay, there are other white sand beaches in the tropics. Pamalican Island, apart from Boracay, is a small island that belongs in Cuyo Group of Islands located at the heart of Palawan and Panay. It is also the home of the high-end Amanpulo Island Resort.

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Having the name Amanpulo (which means peaceful) spells it’s true meaning and added to that feature is it’s alluring beauty and tranquility. However, to transport tourists from Manila to the island, there is always an airplane standing by. It is also used to transport goods and supplies to the island. The island can accommodate less than 100 people to stay. That is an assurance that the place is not that crowded compared to Boracay and Puerto Galera. The fact that it’s so small you can tour the whole island in 3-5 hours walk.

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If you think walking around the island is boring, think again. The island has so many activities to offer just like diving, snorkeling, fishing, sailing, windsurfing, and beach combing. If you feel the romantic ambiance, try to arrange a barbecue night out with your date or simply grab your picnic basket and do your picnicking on the neighbor island. You can also indulge yourself in the island’s casitas (bungalow) that goes with a personal buggy. So if vacation is what you have in mind, always include Pamalican Island in your list of travel destinations in Asia.


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