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Travel Guide To Dubai

Travel Guide To Dubai 12

It is not a very economically prosperous country. The primary source of its economy is tourism, aviation and oil industries. To plan your trip wisely, without wasting any time and extra money, you need a travel guide. When you are planning a trip, choose from the following places of visit.

Ibn Battuta Mall – It is one of the largest and prettiest shopping malls.

Travel Guide To Dubai 13

Marina – It is an artificial marina, with the tallest buildings, or skyscrapers, for residential as well as business purposes. You can have your lunch in any of the restaurants there.

Travel Guide To Dubai 14

The Palm Jumeirah – It is a man-made archipelago, making it look like a palm tree. If you belong to the profession of architecture or engineering, it is a must for you.

Travel Guide To Dubai 15

BurjKhalifa – The design of this structure resembles exactly the Great Mosque at Iraq.

Travel Guide To Dubai 16

Museum – Also called as Al Fahidi Fort, this place is the pride of the country. You can visit that between 8:30 am-8:30 pm on Sat-Thu and 2:30- 8:30 pm on Fri. You can see the historical structures like weapons, handcrafted materials inside the tombs.

Travel Guide To Dubai 17

Jumeirah Mosque – It is very much significant as a religious place. You will get insights on Arabic culture once you go there.

Travel Guide To Dubai 18

Aquarium and Underwater Zoo – The underwater park will let you spend a few moments with the sharks, dolphins and many other species of fish. Your travel agent can guide you to opt for scuba diving or a boat ride on a glass bottom. Your kids will surely go mad with this.

Travel Guide To Dubai 19

Ski resort – There is an indoor ski resort for a chilling and thrilling experience.

Travel Guide To Dubai 20

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary – This conservation center is the site of pink flamingos during their migratory season. It is one of the loveliest places for the nature lovers. Go there except on Friday, as it remains closed.

Travel Guide To Dubai 21

Hatta Rock Pools – This place is a weekend destination for most of the residents. You will love the waterfalls between the mountain slopes. A few gardens, mountains, and sea beaches

Travel Guide To Dubai 22

Desert Safari – This is available in three-time shifts, morning, afternoon and overnight. It is better to choose among the first two if you are on a family trip.

Travel Guide To Dubai 23

Go for the overnight safari, if you love adventure. Take a camel ride or among the undulating sand dunes, whichever is preferable to you.

When there, have a travel agent so you can book your tour online. Give them every detail of what you want, and they will advise you on your planning. The packages may or may not include travel fares. Book your air tickets before your traveling. The winter season is the favorite of many people for leaving their home and going to other destinations.

To conclude

It is better to take a tour guide personnel so that you get a clear glimpse of every place and know about them in detail.

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