Best Cheap and Clean Budget Hotels in Central Bangkok

Best Cheap and Clean Budget Hotels in Central Bangkok 12

Bangkok offers budget travelers a wide assortment of cheap and clean hotels to choose. But which ones are clean? Because it doesn’t matter if a hotel is cheap or not if it’s not in a livable condition. And if the hotel is too far away from Bangkok’s main attractions, shopping and nightlife activities then it’s no good at all as well since more money has to be spent on transportation.

Just a decade ago, travelers looking for affordable hotels in Bangkok went straight to a popular backpackers hang out called Khao San road, where cheap guesthouses and hostels thrive. One major disadvantage about Khao San is that it is far from central Bangkok especially when you factor in the city’s horrendous street traffic.

Traveling to Bangkok on a budget is simple and easy especially when there is a huge option of cheap and inexpensive hotels spread around central Bangkok. But we all know that the words ‘cheap hotel’ equates to horrible rooms and unfriendly guest services in most people’s minds. Though most seasoned budget travelers know where in Bangkok has some of the best comfortable cheap hotels in the city.

One area you can find affordable lodging is the Sukhumvit district of Bangkok. Sukhumvit is a very popular tourist friendly district with lots of business centered around the foreign tourist market. It is also where two of the city’s most infamous red light districts called Soi Cowboy and Nana are located.

One of the best budget hotels in Sukhumvit is a property located right on 13 Sukhumvit road Soi 15 called Manhattan Hotel. Though it is not the newest and shiniest hotel in central Bangkok the Manhattan Hotel offers guests the use of a swimming pool and a basic fitness room. The cost for a standard room per night is around 1300 Baht during the low season.

For budget travelers who love to shop for clothes at a cheap price head to the Pratunam district. There are many more budget hotels in Pratunam than Sukhumvit. The Citin Pratunam Hotel is a popular new hotel in the area with very clean modern rooms. The only drawback though is that Pratunam is a very crowded district packed with locals and tourists.

Today there are many newer guest friendly budget hotels in the heart of the city’s popular districts such as Pratunam and even parts of Sukhumvit. So there is no need at all to find a budget hotel further away from the shopping and nightlife attractions that Bangkok is so famous for. It’s a fine balancing act but you can easily find cheap decent budget accommodations in central Bangkok with decent quality rooms with no problems at all.


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