Websites to See in Japan – Tokyo Tower

Websites to See in Japan - Tokyo Tower 12

Tokyo Tower has been the single most identifiable landmark structure in Japan for decades, and is the main destination for millions of travelers and sight seekers from around the world. The tower doubles as an antenna for radio and television stations and is home to Foot Town, an entertainment complex with restaurants and museums. From the top of this tower you can enjoy a 360 degree view of Tokyo and that’s it.

I am not writing this article to sound like a guidebook, so I decided to skip the niceties over how large and how old this tower is. It’s just a tower. The real reason to visit here is because of the surrounding areas. It’s about what to do before or after visiting this large tower that makes it worth your while. Tokyo Tower is best enjoyed when looking at it, not from it. Everybody who’s lived here in Japan shares this sentiment.

In order to be fair to my reader though, I will highlight one place you need to visit in the tower. That place is called Foot Town, just underneath the Tokyo Tower, you can enjoy the aquarium gallery, the souvenir shop, dozens of fast food restaurants. There’s even a soba shop and a game corner. Four floors of fun for the whole family. You could definitely spent an entire evening here.

Now, for those that want to enjoy Tokyo Tower from a different perspective then I highly recommend heading over to The Prince Park Tower Hotel. There’s a bar on the 33 Floor called the Sky Lounge Stellar Garden that boasts commanding views of the Tokyo Skyline and the Tokyo Tower. In the afternoon you can enjoy a champagne lunch by the window and take in views of the tower, or at night with the tower lit up. Champagne and Tokyo Tower all lit up is truly an epic experience.

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Zojo-ji Temple is located in Shiba Park, exactly the same place as the tower, and from here you can capture unforgettable images of this old Buddhist Temple with Tokyo Tower in the background. A good time to visit would be on December 31st. when the whole tower is lit up in green and red. Thousands of visitors and locals snap up photos of this beautiful temple which blends modernity with traditional architecture.

Shiba Park is a beautifully designed Japanese style park with views of the tower, and offers the visitor a beautiful perspective on the tower and the temple together that often found in picture post cards of Minato-ku. This park is also a famous dating spot in the evening for young couples. The whole mood imbues the Tokyo mystique.

Getting here is quite simple. You can take the Tokyo subway to Azabu-Juban and walk, or sign up for a tour of Tokyo and have someone escort you around. If you want you can also rent bicycles for the afternoon and get a little exercise in while enjoying a bit of history. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line. There is something for everybody here at Tokyo Tower.


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