Fun Facts About The Middle Eastern City Of Sin – Dubai

Fun Facts About The Middle Eastern City Of Sin - Dubai 12

Dubai is located in the Middle Eastern region of United Arab Emirates and is the populated city of the whole region. It has an influx of visitors from all around the world all year round. Located on the eastern part of the southern coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai is also the capital of UAE. This place is also a center for business and economic ventures for many different regions including Pakistan, India and Saudi Arabia. If you ever plan to visit Dubai then we suggest you read this fun facts about Dubai before you start the arrangements for your trip. And when you're done you can buy cheap miles online and save a lot of money on the way as well. So without further ado, here are some fun and weird facts about our beloved tourist destination – Dubai.

1. Inhabited by people from all around the world, Dubai has a very small number of people who are of true Arabic origins. In fact, according to a recent study done here only 10 to 15% of Dubai's population are true Emiratis (People of with origins of UAE). The remaining 85% of people are a mixture of races ranging from Pakistani, Indian, Malaysian to Americans and Britishers as well.

2. Dubai is also a renowned transportation hub throughout the world. Flights from all around the world use Dubai as a pit stop for their passengers. And if you have enough insight to get a Dubai permit before you travel, you might be able to see Dubai while coming back from a trip or going away on business as well. Exciting right?

3. Dubai is home to one of the world's largest hotels. The Burj-ul-Khalifa is known to hold a wide array of guests throughout the year as well as hosting events such as New Year's celebrations annually. This is the time of the year when people from all over UAE gather around the hotel and watch the amazing firework show that they have arranged.

4. The major revenue that Dubai generates is dependent on tourism as well as the oil trade that they have with the rest of the world. Initially it was the revenue from oil trade that helped develop Dubai into the prosperous and technologically advanced place that it is today.

5. It is among the top most expensive places to live in the world. Currently it holds the title of the most expensive place in the Middle East. The growth and development have resulted in Dubai having a very high quality of life which in turn has caused the prices to rise.


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