Experiencing the Best of Dubai Without Breaking the Bank

Experiencing the Best of Dubai Without Breaking the Bank 12

Holding off on a Dubai tour? You think this 'City of Gold' with its skyscrapers, super-structures, and some of the biggest malls in the world would pose an affordability issue? Think again. It may sound counter-intuitive at first, but yes you can go on a Dubai vacation on a shoestring. This is true irrespective of whether you're taking Dubai tour packages from Mumbai or Ahmedabad. Read on to find out how you can spend a good time in Dubai with necessarily breaking the bank.

Book Tickets in Advance

Flying to Dubai is obviously expensive like any other international travel. So, it is advisable to book tickets early and choose preferred seats in advance. A connecting flight may take extra time to reach your destination but it will save a few bucks. Contact a leading international tour operator in India for the best deal.

Choose Affordable Transport

Travelers find taxis in Dubai affordable for short trips in and around the city. Driverless metro trains are another convenient transit system that takes tourists to different public attractions without having to suffer gridlocks. Rental bike services are also available for tourists who prefer to travel on their own independently. These bike cost from 20 AED (around 355 rupees) for a few hours to 80 AED (around 1,420 rupees) for an entire day.

Try Cheap Accommodations

Accommodation is another essential part of a Dubai itinerary for which you need to set aside a budget. Luxury hotels near tourist sites such as the Burj Khalifa will definitely cost you a fortune. So, choosing a more traditional shelter in the outskirt of the city is a good idea. Older places like Al Basha and Bur Dubai provide budget accommodations. Apart from the wallet-friendly costs, they provide a window to old Dubai before it was transformed into a global business hub.

Visit Inexpensive Places

While Dubai is a shoppers' paradise, there are many other places tourists can visit without exhausting themselves financially. Jumeirah Mosque, the largest and only mosque in the city to allow entry of non-Muslims, is one of the places. Take advantage of the guided tours that are available six days a week at affordable charges. Tourists can also roam through the traditional souks or Arab marketplaces and buy herbs, spices, footwear, and ornaments. They are just like street or flea markets for exotic items at affordable prices.

Go for Ordinary Joints

Any Dubai vacation remains incomplete without a taste of its diverse cuisines. While there are many plush restaurants and nightclubs for the uber-wealthy, there are a number of cheap food joints run by Indian and Pakistani businessmen. They offer lip-smacking bites of foods from these countries at reasonable prices.

Last Words

Dubai caters to not only the wealthy and powerful, but also budget-conscious globetrotters. With smart planning, Dubai tour packages can be a real fun for travelers from India.


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